a year with refugees

life in a common room

all these men are asylum seekers in France. they come from Sudan, Afghanistan, Eritrea, or Chad. they were all living in the same center, while waiting for their procedure to be treated. on the 6th floor of the center was the common room. 

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French classes

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they call it "home"

I met H. family on the camp.

a few days after their arrival, she and her 3 boys were placed in a hotel room and left helpless. 

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A. is a former student of my class.

 After he got his refugee status, he was moved into an appartment with 4 other men.

wanna help?

there are a lot of ways you can help our brothers. you can donate to BAAM , you can volunteer to give classes in centers or on the camp, or you can just bring your unworn clothes & stuff to volunteers of the camp. 

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